Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dance of the paint!

30" X 40"  My resent piece, going to live in London
Acrylic on canvas

 I have used a palette knife to create this painting.

It moves and swirls
and is now frozen in time
by paint and colour
A moment
An awareness
In deliciousness !!


  1. Hi Emma!... My first visit... and I enjoyed seeing your work!''While I am in no way inclined to create abstract work... I am always open to and respond to the expressive and capable use of colour... movement and the "Idea" that is conceived and expressed by the genre!

    You have a knack for the knife... and use it very capably to convey the goals in each of your paintings!

    Good Painting!
    Warm regards,
    Bruce Sherman

  2. Hi Bruce

    This blogging is new to me and more energy is going to be put into it as I get the hang of it!

    Thank you for your comments :-)
    I didn't start painting in an abstract way, it became 'a happy accident'
    It can be a wonderful form of expression of all human feelings
    I'll have a look at your work now

    Warm regards and happy painting.