Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hi guys!

Well how lovely it is so see the bluest clear sea and skies on a rainy September day like today, here in mountainous Wales AND when I have a stinky cold!  This little gem was commissioned and is going to live in an apartment in Crystal Palace, London, UK.
It's 30" x 40" and painted in Acrylic paint, varnished and painted by me!
I love painting, did you know!??
Paint, paint, paint, paint.
Today I have ordered stretcher bars for a 90" x 35" canvas which is also going to live in London, in a beautiful vaulted ceiling house with so much beautiful natural light.  The one I'm painting is also commissioned and is a similar sea theme......BUT IN RED! Wow! Wowee!  I'm excited to paint it.  In fact I actually ordered the stretcher bars late last night, plus the extra paint I will need.
OK, off I go to make a juice which will help detox, feed my body pure nutrients fast to where I need them.  I use, half a pineapple .89p ALDI's, carrots 49p Aldis, cucumber, 45p Aldi's, celery, 45p Aldi's, half a lemon, ginger and 2 green apples.  All added to my juicer machine, makes about a litre which I'll drink through the day, it's so tasty. :) Toodle pip!

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